Shenzhen, is also known as Peng City. The story of Peng that is said to be the biggest bird, comes from the book of Zhuangzi: Enjoyment in Untroubled Ease (《庄子·逍遥游》): "the back of Peng is I do not know how many li in extent. When this bird rouses itself and flies, its wings are like clouds all round the sky." So Peng is used here to indicate the cloud covering a very large area. PengYun platform is the Public Service Platform of cloud computing in Shenzhen.

PengYun platform, easy to use for general purposes, is the Public engine of Yummy universal nebula. It covers cloud application services of various aspects of work, life and learning, which serves as the public platform of common cloud calculation.

PengYun platform is based in Shenzhen and it serves South China and also makes nationwide demonstration. It plans unified virtual network space suitable for the whole country. Through a secure virtual network space, it works for government agencies, enterprises, institutions, families and individuals to provide massive cloud storage and security services, lightening a colorful cloud life.

The massive cloud storage of PengYun platform is a loud storage service application support system of high-performance, high-reliability, high-security, and high scalability. It achieves multiple security facilities independently, providing comprehensive self-controlled protection for data and privacy of cloud computing users.

PengYun platform gives users a personal information portal with the implementation of the NRS of social credibility. With this portal, users can easily manage their data of all aspects, gain many software services, integrate personal Internet resources and enjoy the colorful modern digital life brought by cloud computing.

PengYun Platform: rich cloud services


Through the easy-to-use cloud desktop, rich cloud applications and common cloud access, PengYun platform could meet various IT needs of government agencies, enterprises, institutions, families and individuals, reduce social IT investment, realize green computing, and ensure the application of cloud computing in numerous social life and social production areas.

Cloud desktop is the Web access for users to obtain services of PengYun platform. The uses do not need to change their original calculations habits, and they could access, store and process data of the cloud directly through the cloud desktop. Through a variety of Internet equipment, users could get cloud services of PengYun platform only with a browser.

PengYun platform provides a wealth of cloud services, covering many areas which include cloud education, E-government, E-billing, SME management, health care, cloud storage, cloud desktop, cloud office, cloud family, office automation, E-commerce, cloud rendering and cloud industrial simulation.

Cloud education is not only the comprehensive interactive platform of all educational parties, but also the deep-seated educational resources integration platform.

E-government integrates government information resources to achieve the interoperability of information resources and avoid isolated information resources.

E-billing is an important part of the circle of green computing.

SME could reduce their management costs and enhance their competitiveness.

Based on the universal electronic health records, the medical care industry provides efficient health information services for the residents.

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